Your applications send faxes via the Popfax servers to the destination fax numbers. Incoming faxes are to your fax appropriate to by Popfax to the CRM, SAP or other E-comerce routiert systems, that include your company. Sending a fax as an email of your application also always complicated, install of the Popfax will simplify much the fax printer of driver. Immediately, the driver is installed on your computer, you can print your document from your professional application and fax via the Popfax. The powerful business fax solution with the Popfax Internet fax service, you can: documents for each recipient faxes directly from your SAP personalize modules, CRM Web catalogues, send E-commerce systems, ERP tools, etc. Documents to fax such features as the cover page, signature in the Insert the «fax registered» personalize documents for each recipient use, to certify the enclosed fax content notifications about each received fax receive receive faxes within the software application of your company to your Popfax number or send your fax number to Popfax ported FaxMailings to multiple users by you will be using your own distribution list the failed faxes in a few clicks again, your E-business must send application send and receive faxes, and manage all your fax-business? Popfax ensures the quality and good compatibility of SOAP and SMTP applications: tens of thousands of active operating hours of the Popfax softwares – Popcompanion and printer driver smoothly every day. And all thanks to our many years of experience the integration of SOAP and SMTP applications.

The Popfax customer support available for enquiries during business hours available. Advantages of e-integrating fax with your SAP or CRM software: United communication with the Suppliers: You can forward immediately your incoming orders the merchants and vendors, including those that do not are E-business or waive manual faxing and maintenance of fax machines have no Internet connection manageability of fax communication: all sent and received faxes (as also reports appropriate fax shipping sands) can the customers, merchants, banks or partners efficient FaxMailing be accompanied directly from your back-office tool, etc. faster and easier communication of the sales department with the customers. The staff can promptly respond to customer inquiries, send invoices and avoid thus the delays that may arise as a result of the use of traditional fax machines

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