Small Temperature Data Logger With Large Usage Area

Miniature loggers to the measurement, recording, and analysis of temperature data Bielefeld, 29.01.2013 – temperature is an everyday value on the we weather conditions for us – also like to talk about, but usually does not reflect. While already a degree can cause deviation such as the room temperature of the individual comfortable temperature do make us feel uncomfortable. At the same time, the temperature for many procedures and processes is an essential physical size, which decides about the quality and service life of products, or even the success of a production step. The low-cost and extremely small data loggers SL51T transcends common usage limitations for a continuous monitoring of the temperature. With its dimensions of o17x6mm, he is not much larger than many batteries and can be used in the most diverse places.

The logger records the temperature condition during the production or manufacturing process or monitor the transport and Storage conditions. He can be for example in a motor or gearbox are, when a battery power pack set to or mounted on the wall of a warehouse, can in a liquid, swim or commute in a stream of air. With the Smartbuttonr SL51T moved to the history of the temperature over the lifetime or at least during the warranty period of the product exactly record and in case of evidence such as a complaint. The measuring range of the SL51T ranges from-40 C to + 85 C. The applications of the logger button be significantly increased using various enclosures for harsh environmental conditions and various fixations. The evaluation of measured data takes place using the powerful software TempIT (for MS-Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7).

For the USB – as well as for the RS232 interface selection adapter are available. Even without computer a short report can be printed either on the small hand printer easy to use or fast with the alarm readout unit above or below by the configuration of the Logger set limits to be determined. The logger SL51T calibration certificate fuehrbarem back to national standards is available for use in the ISO certified environment. The calibration intervals are monitored by the device and communicates with the configuration or the reading of data. More information can be obtained via the website. Press contact: ISEDD GmbH business unit DetekTron-Gustav-Babu-str. 11 33719 Bielefeld Norbert Elsbernd fax: 0521-97176-190 Tel: 0521-97176-290 E-Mail: Web:

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