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Manage Experience

martes, junio 11th, 2019

As which it serves a company to him to catch new clients, if he is not able to retain to whom already it owns. In order to go a passage in front of the competition, we must manage the experience of our clients, this justifies doubtless, use better techniques of loyalty. To manage the experience of the client represents an efficient technique of loyalty, even when dissatisfaction arises, a capable control of the negative experience of the consumer can be surpassed. However, That is the experience of the client? It is possible to be defined, like the subjective answer of the client at the time of making contact with enemy with any aspect of the company. The excellent thing of the management of the experience of the client is to identify the meeting points or moments of the truth (meeting points of the client with any aspect of the company). The contacts with the company can be in direct and indirect form.

Like example of a direct bonding, we found the process of purchase of a product or service, of another form the indirect bondings imply in the majority of the cases unexpected encounter, like for example being with some representation of the product or service offered by the company or some intangible aspect of the same. When we listened to the sound characteristic of a Harley-Davison motorcycle, we are in the presence of a contact of indirect type, since we would not be buying the motorcycle. To read more click here: César Hernández. The secret is not in offering an adapted product to the necessity of the client, we must correctly manage the experience that it will have this before knowing or acquiring the product. The Fedex company in Internet offers to its clients as its proposal of value the delivery in time, the company must guard that this characteristic of their service is well-known by their clients before acquiring their service.