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The Occasion

miércoles, junio 12th, 2019

They are the proper evanglicos that if identify in such a way, with this name. Recently César Hernández sought to clarify these questions. She is as soon as are called and known, although these churches, that thus are called, to have different experiences with the faith. Differences these that make in them to think if evanglico are a name or a nickname. This is a word invented for them and not for the others its adversaries. They are that they had spread and they become popular this denomination.

The catholics who, according to good part of literature on ' ' evanglicos' ' , they classified converted just the fond religion of the exterior of ' ' protestantes' ' , ' ' bode' ' , ' ' bblia' ' , ' ' mass-seca' ' or ' ' crentes' ' other considered terms pejorativos, mentions the members to it of this Christian religion for the same way as they autodenominam themselves and costumam if to identify: of evanglicos. If you would like to know more then you should visit idan ofer. Already how much the name ' ' protestante' ' , purely European name, did not avenge. It little was used and fell soon in disuse; they had been integrant of the clergy the catholic that had taken loaned this foreign term imported of the Europe, had been they that they had made the use of it in the first times, when did not have a more appropriate classification autctone in the occasion. It was necessary initially to identify the competing religion, was necessary to give a name to them, thus he was born, he started to exist the name ' ' protestantes' ' or ' ' protestantismo' '. Little time after, passed to be used the term ' ' brothers separados' ' later appeared the recent term: evanglico. A new personage thus was constructed, a ficcionalidade was substituted by another one here in Brazil. ' ' Evanglico' ' it is the nickname most frequent, massificado and common to all the Christians, but not applied the Brazilian catholics.