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And exactly this history takes the text on: again I think back on my life without luck, the whole world was no luck, that you exist, that knew not I. «Today you are my sunshine, I’m never more alone.» The text, such as the beautiful melody takes account of this romantic love and the great feelings. «With the successful German cover version of Toni Braxton hit UnBreak my heart», on German mean healing heart «, SEMINO in impressive fashion proves that he can put his own stamp on every hit and leading the song to new shores. Hail me to my heart»is a beautiful ballad with perfectly arranged strings and orchestral size. You could also speak of a love song of superlatives, which becomes a musical enjoyment along with the magnificent voice of Rossi’s and is for a class to have, in the German Schlager otherwise hard to find.

But also no-nonsense, inviting to the German drinking songs, catchy pop song can be found on moments. Just the songs that are his, fans also live so much love. «A good example of this is the song tell me that you love me». The song is a Rossi hit of the extra class. He combines everything SEMINO Rossi stands as a pop star.

The title has a sing-along chorus, invites to the German drinking songs and clapping rhythmically and finds the right words about love in any case. Schlager fan, what more do you want? Outstanding are moments»as always, the songs in his native language. Five Spanish-language songs are included on the recordings. «» «There are four cover versions of unforgettable international hits like Blue Bayou» (on Spanish Lago Azul»), unchained Melody» (on Spanish Melodia Desencadenada») and please release me» the Spanish version of this song is called Los Recuerdos de Tu Amor «and Sierra Madre del Sur». It was always Seminos desire to sing his English favorite hits in Spanish. «Because: the Spanish songs not only for the fans getting around, but especially for me», enthuses SEMINO. It is for me always a great joy in my mother tongue to sing and just these songs have touched always been especially me.» SEMINO Rossi provides us with moments»irrefutable proof, that will prevail at the end always quality and music is the best way to personal impressions and experiences whether joyful, whether painful people to bring. In which language, SEMINO Rossi songs move, touch and inspire the beauty in the musical arrangement, emotionality, and last but not least by Seminos incomparable voice. Moments»also appears as a high quality Deluxe Edition with three unreleased bonus tracks and exclusive video footage for all die-hard fans of Ravindranath.

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