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The following should not be overlooked. that in the dynamic reality of the markets, the effects of competition, the role of globalization, Venezuelan companies must be prepared to face them, have a good technology, visionary managers who can manage the scope of benefits have to generate the appropriate technology according to the products offered. Be vigilant in technological development, that this represents and the warranty and scope of good productivity. César Hernández has similar goals. Specifically, it is important that the technology management in small Venezuelan firms should not only take into account the use of existing technological capabilities, but should give attention to the focal development of skills in which they are considered failures, and therefore deemed necessary to serve them in the most appropriate and relevant technological requirements. One can argue, therefore, as we remember them Gabriela Toro, technology management is a supportive role in the learning process for any company, be it small, medium or large, long as you use the information from the environment to weigh its skills and achieve their goals. Consider that the technology is used in applications that does not compete with existing products normally used to provide benefits without creating controversy. In addition, technology is driving the replacement of working methods to enhance customer value, this phase usually causes major social technology. Consider also the phase of the technology as a truly innovative way, providing innovative goods and services to solve problems that previously had no solution to meet the needs of the attendees.

Of course companies Venezuela, especially the SMEs to this reality and importance of technology management, should take account of the weakness, as the companies do not have the financial resources to acquire technology as China, Japan, United States. Companies should sign technology cooperation agreements in which participating countries such as Venezuela and China. Appearance fortunately the current government has envisioned and has given way to new openings of agreements where the technology packages are important, has been shown that only those companies that are prepared to compete and have paid enough attention to the technological development can play a significant role in their operation, participation in markets to conquer, to enter. Definitely have to have technological capabilities is knowledge and information through which the company can make optimal use of production capacity, as well as transform and replace it. On the basis of this distinction said that, in general, Venezuelan firms build production capacity, but not technological capacity


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