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Suitable Procedure

lunes, noviembre 7th, 2022

In order to obtain this financial commitment of the organization, the respective evaluation is due to make of cost benefit of the program and of using the corresponding techniques of evaluation of projects to demonstrate its economic convenience to the organization. a) Definition of the Suitable Procedure: Previous to any new implementation, a situation analysis or present condition becomes necessary. It is important to have a diagnosis of the present state of the things, like initial step to define the course of action to follow. To know more about this subject visit cantante español. The analysis of the present condition or tribolgica audit, is advisable that is done by an external specialist, consulting specialist in tribologa. Traditionally this work has been trusting to the suppliers of lubricants, but the work that includes/understands this audit is normally further on that the reach and specialization of the technical personnel of those companies; and some times the conclusions of this one represent a conflict with the oil supplier. There is a series of other advantages in using an independent specialist to realise this diagnosis of lubrication and oil monitoring.

The objectives and goals of a good tribolgica audit are following: To identify the present procedures and to define suitable procedures. To identify improvements and opportunities of reduction of costs regarding administration, storage, handling and exhausted of lubricants. To identify effective needs of oil monitoring, being defined points of testeo, frequency and methods of sampling, oil analysis In situ, specifications of cleaning or objective purity of oils, specifications of tolerances of contamination of component-actuators and machines, needs of purification equipment and their specifications, warning levels and tribolgicos data summary, etc. To review the contamination monitoring and the practices of proactive mantencin and to recommend its improvements. To review the specifications of use of lubricants and to establish standards of acquisition and reception of these. To propose forms to integrate the oil monitoring with the other techniques and present practices of mantencin of the organization.