North America Travel

Adventure literature likes to draw scenes from history. We set off novels on the brave musketeers, brave and fearless Vikings Indians. Indians armed with bows and arrows, helping the Conquerors of the Wild West or fighting with them, known to everyone. And among these characters, perhaps the most famous Indians were Apaches and Sioux. Even growing up, we keep a piece of childhood, and the image of the Redskins soldiers still stirs our imagination.

Therefore, if a fall opportunity to travel to North America, from the lips he breaks down the question: "Where once inhabited by the Sioux?" And they lived in North and South Dakota, where they now live descendants. After this news to choose a place next trip is simple. And you already buy a ticket to Dakota:) Going to these states, you do not expect to see something special, and the more fully will enjoy this journey that will bring you many unexpected experiences. So what to draw the attention of travelers in North and South Dakota, than to indulge in the arrival of their friends and relatives? It is impossible to visit these states and not view the monument at Mount Rushmore. During the decades of its existence it has become one of the most recognizable landmarks of the country. Surely you are not seen in American films and documentaries person four U.S. presidents carved in the majestic rock. This is the famous bas-relief in granite rocks Rushmore, more accurately, rock Presidents, as it is more commonly referred to now.


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