Fixed-term Deposit Compared

Fixed-term deposit is currently as a safe investment. On a fixed-term deposit, good interest offers easy to find are compared. Security-oriented savers preferably sets his money in money or time deposit, because for him in addition to the return on the security of his money is a top priority. A corresponding fixed deposit account must be established for the investment in fixed-term deposits with a bank that allows fixed-term deposits. Among the many offerings you are comparison only on a fixed-term deposit, where there is the highest interest rate. The framework conditions for fixed-term deposits fixed for the deposit is fixed Anlagezeitraume of 1 month to a maximum of 5 years fixed interest rate over the term minimum investment crucial, how long the money is invested and the investment should be as high. Basically a savers should invest not his entire savings in fixed-term deposits, because this money over the investment period is not available. It is located, set also suggests as the name of this form of investment.

A good deposit on the Internet comparison shows the interested Savers, not only banks, which fixed-term deposits can be created, but are in the fixed-term deposit comparison also the periods separately listed. The Bank, which offers the best interest rate for the deposit at six months, must be at the same time the Bank in which the fixed deposit for 12 or 24 months best interest will be paid. The interest in the deposit usually is the return on the deposit over a relatively short investment period rather less, as if the money over several years is applied. There are of course always exceptions and attention you should be. Some banks offer special offers for new customers.

Unlike as in the money of the day minimum investment amount are expected at the deposit also often 2,500 or EUR 50,000, also informed the fixed-term deposit comparison. A current deposit comparison shows that interest will be paid out for short-term time deposits between 1.5 and 3%. Many banks also for investors the option open, the deposit after the set period of time and hold again to the then valid conditions set to apply. Despite the current low interest rate, fixed-term deposit is an option, because the net is crucial after deducting the inflation rate. Inflation is currently under one percent, so that even the relatively low interest rates bring income.

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